Control doesn’t automatically imply imposing fines

A seminar about personal data protection took place in Pilsen. Jiří Žůrek, the director of the Department for Consultation Agencies of the Office for Personal Data Protection (UOOU), represented to the participants the activities and duties which the General Regulation brings to the functioning of the Office.

Jiří told about the inspections of the Office on the basis of a complaint. Jiří Žůrek also gave some advice to entrepreneurs and personal data managers. He recommended to communicate with data subjects specifically, transparently and consistently to deal with their complaints or requests.

The director also said that the administrators should not panic even when the control arrives because the purpose of the UOOU is not to impose as many fines as possible, but to check the state of the case and, if necessary, to regulate the situation.

Each violation is solved individually and is also taken into account the extent and duration of the violation. For someone, a violation may mean a fine, and for someone just a reminder.

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