Secure yourself and your data!

Everyone uses the internet and most likely most of us want to secure their data. We do not want anyone to get into our email or any other account where we collect important information.

Did you know that Google offers very useful extensions to download to get your passwords and accounts secured as well as it is possible? The first one is Password Checkup

Password Checkup

It's a Chrome extension that automatically checks the security of your Google Accounts and Chrome passwords. Enhancement actively recognizes and responds to any threat. It also checks the passwords and usernames you use, and if it finds that they are the same as the over 4 billion invaded, they will notify you and recommend to change your password.

The second extension is Cross Account Protection

In the very rare case when an attacker gets into your Google Account, Cross Account Protection will help you to get back your account. The extension will tell you if there has been any threat or suspicious activity. The extension was created in collaboration with Adobe, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and OpenID Foundation for the best security of your accounts.

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